Some Fruits Are Better Worn

Posted by Leslie Henslee on


Juaga is a yellowy-orange tropical fruit with a thick rind that ranges in size from orange to melon. Prevalent in the Amazon, it is native to South America, the Caribbean and Central America. Juaga tastes a bit like dried apple or quince when ripe. Used in sweets, syrups, and liquor, it is perhaps best known for its vibrant natural dye ranging from light brown to jet black. The oxidized pigment can last for up to 20 days - making it a great temporary tattoo ink. Juaga has been cultivated for 100's of years and is also used for medicinal purposes, combatting everything from colds to parasites. You can get your very own non-juaga-dyed black Wooden Table T-shirt on our website. It will probably last for more than 20 days - depending on what you do in it. Photo courtesy of Brian Gratwicke.


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