Our Story

 Andres helping grandma

Andrés "helping" grandma make cookies 




Wooden Table Baking Company was started in 2011, and is owned and led by Andrés Ozzuna.


Andrés grew up in San Isidro, Argentina, just outside Buenos Aires, and inherited his love of cooking from his grandmother, Tomasa. 


“Sitting next to her at our wooden table making cookies, raviolis, and tarts every weekend. A whole spoonful of dulce de leche in my mouth as a reward when she wasn’t looking."


We named our business after the communal wooden table where, time after time, we gather to cook, eat, and share precious moments of togetherness.






The foundation of our recipes was passed down by Andrés’ grandmother. To honor her and Argentine tradition we:


  • Bake all of our goods from scratch using whole, high-quality ingredients:

    • Real butter, eggs, milk and sugar

    • Single-source Colombian 64% dark chocolate 

    • Imported, authentic dulce de leche

    • Real vanilla, peppermint oil, cinnamon, lemon extract....No “natural flavorings”

    • No preservatives

  • Source sustainable, non-GMO products and local ingredients whenever possible

  • Use small batch production to maintain high quality and sustainable business practices

  • Design our packaging to minimize waste





Argentinos are very fortunate to have a sharing culture. We share yerba mate, food, music, close embraces, and tight spaces. Nothing makes us happier than family and friends (new and old) eating, drinking, and spending time together.


We are better together and ALL of us deserve to enjoy the sweetness of life!




Wooden Table Baking Company is a LGBTQ-certified, Latin-American owned & operated business. We are members with the following organizations: