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Wooden Table is owned and operated by our head baker, Andrés, who grew up outside of Buenos Aires and learned to cook from their grandmother. “It is from her that I inherited my love of cooking. I remember being next to her at our wooden table making raviolis, gnochi, tarts every weekend! A whole spoonful of dulce de leche in my mouth as a reward when she wasn’t looking.”

We named our company after this shared wooden table - to honor the heritage on which our company’s recipes are founded as well as the shared experience of cooking and eating that fosters love and community.

Fostering an inclusive workplace is extremely important to us. We especially seek to provide BIPOC, women, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community with employment, training and development opportunities. Our company was also founded on values of social equity and justice which inform our practices today. We have offered trainings on racial justice in the wake of BLM, and we provide opportunities for professional development and skills trainings to all of our employees. Being a small business we also aim to provide an atmosphere of support and collaboration amongst all aspects of our company, from the bakery to the cafe to marketing. 


Our recipes are based Andrés’ grandmother’s recipes. We honor her and Argentine tradition by baking our cookies from scratch using all natural ingredients. Real butter, eggs, milk and sugar, just like grandma did. Instead of using “natural flavorings,” we use actual vanilla, peppermint oil, cinnamon, 64% dark chocolate and lemon extract, because real ingredients translate into yummier cookies. We make our products without preservatives, because fresh is just how grandma rolled. 

We use sustainable ingredients when we source.This means we always use non-GMO products and local ingredients whenever possible. We make our products in small batch in order to maintain both high quality standards and sustainable business practices. We have designed our packaging to minimize waste, it is either recyclable or compostable. At our retail location, all of our packaging, food and beverage containers are compostable.


Wooden Table Baking Team


Argentinians are lucky to have a sharing culture. We share yerba mate, food, music, close embraces and tight spaces. Nothing makes us happier than family and friends new and old eating, drinking and spending time together. We believe we are truly sweeter together.



And as an immigrant-owned, women-led, LGBTQ-certified business, we know from experience that together means all of us. We embrace, celebrate and support our Latinx, LGBTQ, and immigrant employees, customers and allies to make sure we all enjoy the sweetness.

Wooden Table Baking is a proud member of the following organizations:

Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce  Bay Area Made Oakland Indie Alliance NGLCC GGBA