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We all need a little sweetness during these tough times. And because Wooden Table Baking believes we are truly sweeter together, we decided to give away 3 Chocolate Gift Baskets to folks who truly earned a chocolate boost. The winners are Shaylyn Gulickson, Xander Nalley, and Winifred Nandawula. Congratulations! All nominees will receive a little something from us, because we can't help but share the love. 

Thank you for all of the many amazing nominations. We were blown away not only by the nominees' generosity and kindness, but also by the nominators' loving tributes, so we decided to share them below. Besos!

Chocolate Hoard Winner Xander Nalley nominated by Fern: "I am homeless, and during the quarantine period they built me a tiny home I could stay in and did so much incredible work for me. Because of the effort they put in, I feel safe during this time. It was incredibly selfless."

Chocolate Hoard Winner Winifred Nandawula nominated by Paul: My mother, Winifred Nandawula has more than earned her chocolate. She works as a caretaker at a mental disabilities facility during the week, and a rehabilitation clinic during the weekend --all while taking classes for nursing school. Not to mention, she's been there for me and my siblings, especially after my father was forced to leave the country for immigration reasons. This year, my youngest sibling will graduate high school. While we celebrate her, we'd also love to celebrate our mom for not only carrying us all this far, but also being oh so sweet while doing it.

Chocolate Hoard Winner Shaylyn Gulickson nominated by Marcos: I would like to nominate my lovely wife, Shaylyn Gulickson! I introduced her to alfajores (I'm Argentinian, born in Rosario, came to the US when I was only 2) when we first started dating. Every time we go to my parents house my mom sends her home with some alfajores, either home made or store bought, and she LOVES them. My wife was a Disney princess in DIsneyland Anaheim when I first met her, and she truly embodies that still to this day. She is so caring and kind and nice towards everyone she meets.

She now teaches local kids ballet to toddlers and kids (ages 1.5-6) at Tutu School in Alameda, Montclair and Walnut Creek, although now it's all virtual from our 1 bedroom apartment in Oakland, as you can see below. She is also a Behavioral Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente teaching mental classes to the community (she was previously an associate MFT) and also trains professionals in several mental health awareness classes, as well as being certified to teach community Positive Discipline parenting classes. She has a heart of gold!

She's also 10 weeks pregnant! We're extremely excited to have our first child, but she's been having a TERRIBLE pregnancy. She throws up a lot all throughout the day and is constantly dizzy, nauseous and tired. I have had to cook very plainly for her as she has a lot of food aversions, it's been tough. She's limited to very plain food, but her sweet tooth still persists! Lately she's been picking up empanadas and alfajores from you guys about twice a week! She can still eat alfajores, although not much else, and that's why I think she deserves a hoard of chocolate! You'll help brighten up her day as she navigates through being a sick, now-vulnerable (pregnant) population during these trying times. And you'd be helping me keep her happy! It's been tough.

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