Mount Tronador is Cracking Good

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In the southern Andes along the border between Argentina and Chile lies Thunder Mountain - so named for the sounds of its eight cracking glaciers and seracs. Our Tronador Truffles crackle with mint chocolate baked right into the cookie base. This dulce de leche-filled chocolate mountain has more mint in store once you reach the top, which makes for a refreshingly decadent ascent.

Topping out at 11,660 feet, Mount Tronador towers above the popular Argentine resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche as well as Lake Nahuel Huapi. In the 1950s, the lake's small island of Huemul was home to a secret Argentine effort to develop the world's first fusion reactor, the Thermotron. The concept was led by Austrian scientist Ronald Richter, who convinced then president Juan Domingo Perón that he could provide Argentina with unlimited power. The project received over $300 million modern US dollars from 1948 to 1952, and unfortunately didn't work. Perón was overthrown in 1955, and Richter was arrested for fraud, but the facilities can still be visited. I'm in!

Don't worry our Tronador Truffles are technically not radioactive.


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