Whiskey & Cold Brew Alfajores

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Andres has concocted a special St. Patrick's Day treat for us all: Whiskey and Cold Brew Alfajores - like a Latin American Irish coffee in heavenly garb. For the unaficionado, here's some background on whiskey. Distilling techniques were brought to Ireland and Scotland sometime between 1100 and 1300 by monks, and were limited to apothecaries and monasteries until the late 15th century. Wine was already being distilled around the world, but it was not easily obtained on the cold isles, so physicians tried distilling beer instead - thus was born whiskey. Both Ireland and Scotland claim to have given birth to whiskey, and historians suggest avoiding this conflict at all costs.

What is the difference between whiskey, scotch and bourbon? None! Whiskey is the overarching category of spirits under which scotch and bourbon fall. Both scotch and bourbon get their names from places – scotch from Scotland and bourbon from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Whiskey can refer to any kind of whiskey – Irish, Japanese, Canadian, American, scotch, bourbon and more, but remember whiskey is the Irish spelling, and whisky is the Scottish one. Just to keep you on your toes. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all - undeniably Irish in origin.


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