Valley of the Moon

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Inside Northern Argentina's Ischigualasto National Park lies the Valley of the Moon, named after the rugged, otherworldly geological structures that dot its lunar-like landscape. About 230 million years ago (Late Triassic), the area was a lush floodplain dominated by rivers, rainfall and dinosaurs. Rock deposits that formed slowly over time still stand tall and now sit alongside some of the oldest known dinosaur remains, which are the world's foremost in regards to quality, number and importance. The carnivorous archosaur Herrerasaurus is the most numerous of these dinosaur fossils.

Some of the rocks have been rounded smooth as marbles by the park’s near constant winds. These are referred to as "Cancha de Bochas" or the Bowling Field. For some reason, these remind me of bonbons. Perhaps because I'm as hungry as a dinosaur right now.


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