The Salty Heights of the Puna

Posted by Leslie Henslee on

Cono de Arita is located in the Puna, a vast area that stretches from Peru down into Northern Argentina. It is an arid high plateau most of which lies above 10,000 feet, but below the permanent snow line of the Central Andes. Salta, a bustling capital known for its Spanish colonial architecture, is the gateway to this sparsely populated dream landscape full of volcanoes, dinosaur remains, mining ghost towns, vicunas, and spectacularly colored rocks. Outside of Tolar Grande, you will find Los Ojos de Mar, three large, insanely blue pools in the middle of a salt flat. The surrounding volcanoes are often reflected in the mirrored pools, and so are tourists. The pools' organisms date back three million years, so no swimming. Besides, the pools are apparently freezing!

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