Gift List Extravaganza

Posted by Andreas Ozzuna on

It's that time of year - time for a zillion online gift guides from Oprah's Favorite Things to Kim Kardashian's Christmas Gift Guide. We thought we'd add our two cents to the nonsense. We encourage everyone to donate to a worthy cause this holiday season, but you might also want to send a little extra care to friends and family - messages of warmth, humor and hope.

We created a Latinx Gift List featuring Argentinian and South American focused gifts, full of cool, mostly hand-crafted and sustainable items. We know many of these folks, so we can vouch for the awesomeness of their products.

The Wandering Eater, an online blog written by a chocolate hedonist, coffee snob, adventurous eater, and home and cook baker, came up with a list of tasty, fancy food treats for the holidays. And, yes, we are featured. Toot toot horn.

For Bay Area folks, the East Bay Express has an online gift portal featuring local, ethical, artisan-crafted gifts. Its 'Meet the Makers' has pickles, art, hats and liquor - something for everyone.

Happy Holidays everyone! Spread the love!

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