Cinco de Mayo Tequila Lime Alfajores

Posted by Andreas Ozzuna on

Sure, the holiday is somewhat of an American excuse to drink tequila, but we've pushed it further and made it into an excuse to eat tequilla too. Yes, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Andreas has whipped up tequila lime alfajores - the perfect addition to your backyard shindig - alfajores with tequila infused-dulce de leche and tequila lime meringue. Get 'em while they're potent! Don't worry, they're not alcoholic, just alfajoric. Little known fact: tequila is made from the hearts (pinas) of blue agave plants, mostly from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. That agave syrup you got at the natural foods store is often made from the same succulent plant - ahhh sugar. 

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