Design Your Own Box: Hot Chocolate Stirrers

8 steamy submarinos

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Our famous Submarinos (as they're called in Argentina) are a dreamy version of the classic hot chocolate on a stick.

Each order comes with eight (8) hot chocolate stirrers of your choice!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick Menu

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate & Peppermint
  • Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon
  • Dark Chocolate & Espresso
  • Dark Chocolate & Cayenne
  • White Chocolate & Peppermint
  • White Chocolate & Espresso

Recommended Shelf Life: 60 days. The Wooden Table Baking Company products are freshly baked and do not include preservatives, artificial flavors, or compounds. You can refrigerate to keep cool and fresh or freeze for up to 6 months.