Caramelos: Dulce de Leche

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Indulge in artisanal, hand-made caramels crafted with the finest ingredients. Enjoy the unique sweetness of rich Dulce De Leche contained within each delectable morsel, sure to bring luxurious pleasure to each taste experience. These Dulce De Leche Caramels (4) packages from our Wooden Table Baking Co. Argentine bakery are the exact pick-me-up you need! Each order contains:

  • Four (4) mouth-watering caramelos

Enjoy this dessert box yourself or give it to a loved one! View more traditional Argentinian desserts and  Dulce De Leche truffles with Wooden Table Baking Co. today.

Dulce de leche (milk, pure cane sugar), Heavy Whipping Cream, Sugar, Honey, Water.