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Sampler Box with Yerba Mate

16 Alfajores per box


Alfajores and yerba mate are sweeter together, so we're offering a special deal for November - choose from one of our sampler boxes of alfajores and get a pound of yerba mate at half price. Woot, woot! Our sampler boxes allow you to sample 4 flavors of our yummy alfajores. 16 cookies in all - 4 of each flavor. Choose your own flavor adventure!

Simple Sampler
Flavor Fusion
Simple Sampler: For the purist, this sampler features our most traditional Argentinean an Americana Snickerdoodle thrown in for good measure.

Contains: Traditional, Chocolate, Meringue and Snickerdoodle

Chocoliscious: We are totally encouraging indulgence with our all chocolate sampler. Our chocolate-flavored alfajores are comprised of chocolate cookies joined with dulce de leche and covered in dark Guittard Chocolate.

Contains: Original Chocolate, Espresso Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Chipotle Chocolate

Flavor Fusion: This sampler features our unique American-Argentinian fusion flavors. For the more daring alfajor-lover.

Contains: Lemon Ginger, Snickerdoodle, Espresso Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate