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Día Del Amigo Gift Card

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Día del Amigo is July 20th. This Argentine holiday celebrates friends and friend families. In honor of our favorite holiday, Wooden Table Baking asked customers to buy a box of alfajores for a friend and we'd enable the recipient to pay the gesture forward - giving them the ability to send a free box of alfajores to their friend.

Your friend sent you a box of alfajor love, so this is your gift certificate. Yeehaw! You can use it to purchase a box of alfajores for a friend and thereby spread the sweetness. Soon, we will circle the globe with friend-inspired alfajores. Happy Día del Amigo! Juntos es más dulce. 

International Friends Day founder and friend advocate, Dr. Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, chose July 20th, because it is the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon - and made a grand gesture of friendship between humanity and the universe. It's the 50th anniversary of that there landing - one more reason to celebrate with moon-shaped alfajores!