Porteño Hipster Gift Box

Wooden Table Baking Co.

All the things you need to become a Porteño hipster - besides the swanky apartment of course. The coolest things we collected from Buenos Aires street fairs alongside the yummiest truffles and marrocs in the universe (according to the Sommelier of Alfajores). Airfare not included.

  • Buenos Aires Street Art Book - a 240 page ode to Buenos Aires graffiti chock full of photos
  • Sampler Box of 8 Argentine Dulce de Leche Cones - our little mountains of dulce de leche covered in chocolate on a cookie outcrop
  • 4 Pack of our Peanut Butter Squares - bocadito marrocs
  • Mate de Moda - handpainted wooden vessel for mate - colors vary, but they are all hella cool
  • Bombilla (metal tea filter-straw)
  • Assorted Stickers from the Wooden Table Graphic Arts Council