Alpha-jor Cookie of the Month Club

16 Alfajores per box


Every month, our head baker Andrés comes up with a special flavor alfajor for you to enjoy, with seasons and holidays in mind. Past flavors include Banana Meringue, Tequila Lime and Peppermint Chocolate - every one crafted by hand and with love. Now, you can get our cookie of the month delivered right to your door!

Get a gift box of our drop-dead delicious alfajores every month for a full year. These cookies make store-bought ones look anemic. Need to feed a pack of ravenous teenagers? A full pound of butter and sugar ought to do the trick. And don't worry, shipping is included!

Alpha-jor members also enjoy secret special perks - think crafts, recipes, online events, and more! Got an idea for or contribution to the cookie cult? Feel free to email us!

How it works:
When you place your subscription order, our elves will send your first shipment of the flavor of the month alfajores right away. You may gobble them down upon receipt (please don't eat the receipt). Remaining shipments will be sent at the beginning of every month, so you'll know when to wait by the mailbox.

Please note: 

  • One shipping address per order. If you are purchasing subscriptions as gifts for others, we suggest you place them in separate orders.
  • Don't worry. Subscriptions do not renew automatically. We’ll include a reminder (and maybe even a discount code) to renew your subscription when we send your last shipment.